Grain Temperature Monitoring: KT Manual Console

KT Manual Console
  • The Model KT is compatible with many existing remote switching systems.
  • The simple straight-forward design makes for a highly reliable and dependable system.
  • The KT System utilizes switches made with bifurcated precious metal relays, that are sealed to the elements, rather than frustrating, trouble prone solid state type switches.
  • OHM reading ports allow for temperature cable evaluation from the instrument.
  • Large clear easy to read LED Display.
  • Will read up to 21 thermocouples per cable.
  • Large 756 cable maximum capacity. SPEC (Cable Capacity)
  • Designed as a Rugged, Compact, Desktop Instrument.
  • Economical means of monitoring grain condition.
  • Available in either Fahrenheit or Celsius calibration.


120/240 VAC


56/60 @ 1/4 Amp


Large .80

Cable Capacity

756 cable maximum

KT Manual Console

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