Grain Temperature Monitoring: KF-300 Portable

KF-200 Portable

Attractive, Rugged, Convenient, & Accurate

  • Clear easy to read LCD display with adjustable backlight.
  • The Model KF 300 is compatible with nearly all existing portable systems.
  • Memory download capabilities greatly increase the speed of reading temperatures.
  • No hand written logs, eliminates the chance of transcription errors.
  • Automatic OHM/Resistance reading feature allows for fast and easy evaluation of your system's temperature cables and leadwire.
  • As an option download the KF 300 to PC for text displays of temperature and resistances.
  • Stores multiple readings to compare and monitor temperature trends.
  • Available with 6 TC, 12 TC, 18 TC, or 21 TC jackhandles.
  • Jackhandle adaptors available for different size plugs.
  • Carrying case, USB cable, Bluetooth adaptor, and long life rechargable battery pack included.
  • Power circuit is designed to provide for extended use as with large systems. This helps to eliminate the need to recharge before all cables are read.


3 lbs

Memory Capacity

320 cables (33,600 thermocouple readings)

KF-300 Portable

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Rolfes @ Boone, located on the east edge of Boone, Iowa, began business operations on April 1, 1994. Boone Cable Works & Electronics is employee owned and is a full-line manufacturer of grain termperature detection and hazard detection equipment. All design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales functions are performed "in-house" in our 22,500 square foot facility.

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